Gaynor Young


Technologically I am useless!

The age of the computer dawned, iPads, iPhones and my head whirled with all this knowledge that I must acquire. Then into my life stepped Chrisjan, CJ as he is fondly called. I heaved a massive sigh and relaxed!

As soon as my computer decides it wants to take a “time out”, after hurling insults galore at it, I send CJ an ‘I need you’ SMS and he duly comes round and sorts me and my computer out!!!

I cannot recommend CJ highly enough. For 7 years he has looked after me and my computer network brilliantly, solving problems that to me seemed insurmountable.

I am fortunate in that CJ supervises the technical side of my blog: ‘ear ‘ear.

I am so incredibly grateful for CJ – my computer-guru and friend!!!

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