Blue Gateron Low Profile Switch with Holder Set 12Pcs/Set

R 79.00

Customize or replace existing switches on your Keychron K1 or K3 keyboard with the Keychron Gateron Low Profile Mechanical Switch Set. It features 12 Gateron blue low profile mechanical switches as well as a holder and is designed for hot-swappable Keychron K1 and K3 keyboards.


The Keychron Gateron Low Profile Mechanical Switch Set is engineered to help you build the ultimate ultra-slim mechanical keyboard. Each set contains 12 low profile switches as well as a handy holder to keep them together when not in use. The Gateron low profile switches are one of the best ultra-slim mechanical switches renowned for their smooth and tactile typing experience. The low profile switches are fully compatible with our Keychron K1 and K3 Wireless Keyboard Hot-swappable versions without any soldering requirements. Suitable for the typing enthusiast, these Gateron blue mechanical switches offer a more clicky sounding and tactile feeling for a more responsive typing experience. With the MX-styled stem housing to enhance its reliability, the low profile Gateron mechanical switches are your best choice for precise, smooth, and reliable fingertip feel.


  • Gateron Low Profile Blue Switch Set
  • 12 Piece Set with holder
  • Clicky Behavior/Clicky Sound Level
  • Suitable for the Typist
  • Compatible with Keychron K1 and K3 Keyboard


  • Type: Gateron Low Profile Mechanical Switch
  • Colour: Blue
  • Number of Switches: 12
  • Actuation Force: 52±15gf
  • Pre-travel: 1.5 ±0.5mm
  • Travel Distance: 2.75 ±0.25mm
  • Behaviour: Clicky
  • Sound Level: Clicky


  • Keychron Gateron Low Profile Mechanical Switch 12 Pcs Set with holder – Blue x1

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 cm