Need broadband?

BOVER Technologies recommended ADSL setup

Apply at your nearest Telkom office and supply the following details:

1. 2 Mbps line


3. OWN ISP (Internet Service Provider)



6. ORDER NUMBER – make sure to get this number, it is needed to activate the service from your side.

Telkom will either send a SMS with the details or phone when the service is available.

When the service is available phone us to do the installation.

1. BOVER Technologies will supply the router at an additional cost to suit your needs – check the TP-Link page for options

2. Setup and configure the router, network settings, activate the ADSL line, e-mail, browser configuration

3. Help you signup with our preferred ISP – Axxess ISP

4. Show you how to access the Axxess CCP (Customer Control Panel) to keep track of your data usage and to upgrade or topup your service if necessary.

5. Make note your settings and passwords on paper for later reference.

6. Check that Internet and e-mail is working


1. About 10 times faster than dialup (384 Kbps connection)

2. 365/24/7 connectivity

3. Your telephone line is not engaged

4. No hidden costs – you pay a set fee and can easily budget for the expense


1. None known