Acer laptop and PC’s

Dell laptops and PC’s

Lenovo laptops and PC’s

Microsoft Windows and Office

Only a selection is listed, please inquire and we will try to source it for you.

Please bear in mind that this website is not a web shop but a showcase of the products we can supply, it may not be always current and up to date…

Sometimes there may even be products listed to buy, please check stock availability.

Some items can be delivered nationwide at no additional cost…

All components carry a 1 year warranty, except where otherwise specified.

All prices subject to change and must be confirmed when ordering.

We don’t keep stock, price and stock availability must be confirmed when ordering.

Labour charges not included in pricing.

Deliveries within 3 days after ordering.

Terms strictly COD.

All prices quoted VAT included.

Courier fee not included in prices and may be applicable on some items.

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