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Data Recovery

Data-Recovery-hdd (20) (Small)What happens when you do not backup?
Yes! – Data recovery – Yes! – your worst nightmare – and it’s not cheap!
Backup like insurance and an UPS is a grudge purchase – data recovery is just painful!
Rather backup methinks!

In the unfortunate event that you do need such a service there is very clever people that can get your stuff back – data recovery specialists like Southbit Data Recovery Specialists and TecLeo Data Recovery Lab.

These guys have to use special equipment and software to try get your data recovered. They also have to stock parts of hard drives as sometimes they need to rebuilt the hard drive to get it to read your information from your hard drive.

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  1. Hi Chrisjan, I have some updated information to share regarding Intratec Data Recovery Pro in SA.

    So, what happens when you send your drive to a company that specializes in data recovery? Every company is a little bit different, but here are some general procedures that you can expect.

    The Diagnostic Phase

    “…The first step is to run a complete diagnosis of your drive and discover exactly what the problem is. Hard drives typically lose data for three main reasons: mechanical failure of one or more of the components of the drive, logical problems such as file corruption or a computer virus, and finally, user error such as inadvertently deleting files or reformatting your drive.

    The diagnostic phase aims to answer three questions:
    1. What is the root cause of the data loss?
    2. Can the data be retrieved?
    3. Exactly which data can be recovered?

  2. As far as I know I thing data recovery Sa link: is the best company so far. Yes southbit and Tecleo will be there but in my opinion I take Data recovery SA at top.

    Lets discuss guys

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