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What is a SDD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive – it does not have any moving parts and store your data in memory chips

Why use a SSD?

SSD’s gives a faster read, write speed and access time than a traditional hard drive

Good quality and affordable

Use less power, makes no noise

Less susceptible to vibration than traditional drives

Works at lower temperatures

Windows and programs on a separate drive from data – the one does not slow down the other

Give an old PC new live – boot up faster, programs open faster and PC overall more responsive

Overcome the bottleneck of the slower speed of a traditional hard drive that tend to get slower over time

A new PC not immediately needed


Can also be upgraded

Unfortunately more expensive as a bigger size SSD needed for Windows, Programs and Data on one SSD drive

256 GB or bigger

Recommendation for PC’s

128GB SSD for Windows and programs

Data on traditional hard drive


Expensive compared to traditional drive sizes – 128GB SSD cost about the same as a 1TB traditional drive

SSD used for speed – not to store large amounts of data

Comments from users

The SSD drive has made a big difference to the speed of my PC as it boots faster, switches between programmes without any delay and I am very satisfied with it.
Henk Alting

How is your experience with a SSD?

Please leave a comment.


PC built for client 10062016

I like to assemble a new computer myself – specifications and photos:

Components in Coolermaster chassis

Components in Coolermaster chassis

Coolermaster CMP 350 chassis with 400W power supply

ASUS H81M-K motherboard

Intel G3260 processor – 3.3GHz, 3MB cache

Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz memory

Seagate 500 GB hard drive

Samsung 24x DVD writer

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Contact us if you need a similar computer.




Data Recovery

Data-Recovery-hdd (20) (Small)What happens when you do not backup?
Yes! – Data recovery – Yes! – your worst nightmare – and it’s not cheap!
Backup like insurance and an UPS is a grudge purchase – data recovery is just painful!
Rather backup methinks!

In the unfortunate event that you do need such a service there is very clever people that can get your stuff back – data recovery specialists like Southbit Data Recovery Specialists and TecLeo Data Recovery Lab.

These guys have to use special equipment and software to try get your data recovered. They also have to stock parts of hard drives as sometimes they need to rebuilt the hard drive to get it to read your information from your hard drive.



Backup-Seagate-iconWhat is the most important thing to do when you have a computer?
Backup, backup, backup and more backup…

What is backup?
In my mind backup means duplicating your data ie. Documents, photos, bookkeeping data

Why Backup?
Your data is usually stored on a hard drive which can stop working at any moment, get stolen, infected by viruses or ambushed by ransomware.

How to backup?
Second hard drive, external drive, cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox
I use a program called Syncback Pro – there is a free version too.

What to backup?
Recommend to backup own generated data eg. Documents, spreadsheets, bookkeeping data, pictures and videos.
Programs can be retrieved from source media and settings be recreated.

To where?
External drive, cloud services.
Depending on the importance of your data a rotating off-site backup.
Ask yourself: If I lose this data what will be the impact? Will your business go down? How important is your captured memories?
Then decide how much do you need to spend to preserve your data.



Windows 10

Microsoft  has released Windows 10 to the public on the 29th July 2015.

It is a free upgrade for PC’s running a legal version of Windows 7  or Windows 8. Earlier versions of Windows Vista or Windows XP does not qualify.

My trial with Windows 10 as a whole is pleasant one and I think it is a worthwhile upgrade.

Bear in mind that you have to download between 2GB and 4GB and the process may take up to three hours.

As is the nature of PC’s and software the upgrade process may not go smoothly. Be prepared to call in outside help.

Always make a backup of at least your documents, pictures and other valuable files.

A disk image is preferred.


Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview update

IMG_20150707_094747 (Small)Our beloved Start Menu is back in Windows 10. It may look a bit different though. The jarring changes between the desktop and metro interfaces from Windows 8 are gone, as metro app’s now run as a window on the desktop and can even be resized!






Win 10 calculator appThe Windows 10 calculator app is snappy and quite usable too! I for instance won’t miss the old one!







I have been using the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview iterations as my daily driver on my desktop since January 2015 with no show stoppers. There were small niggles though, which is to be expected with pre-release software. I found Windows to be snappier and more response than Windows 7 on the same hardware.

As an additional bonus the Windows 10 upgrade will be free if you are running a legal copy of either Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1.

I think it will be a worthwhile upgrade – Reserve your copy of Windows 10 via the Windows 10 app.

Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary as it’s impossible to test all scenario’s.


Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

I decided to take the plunge and install Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview on the computer I use daily. Three reasons:

Microsoft said Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for a year after release from Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1.
It will not be necessary to do a clean install from the Technical Preview to the RTM version ( Released to Manufacturer)
I wanted to specifically see how well the upgrade worked from one operating system to another as it’s not a good idea to do an upgrade install as you usually just transfer all the issues to the new operating system.

I have been playing with the Technical Preview on a separate machine since it was made available last year to download. I found it to be very stable and snappy. When Microsoft released the Build 9926 I upgraded it on the machine. As I have not experienced any major problems and after reading What can I keep? there wasn’t anything I could not live with. When I discovered the upgrade can  be done from Windows Update it was a done thing. The article can be found here.

After making a backup image (clone) of my existing Windows 8.1 install and verification of the backup thereof I thus went and click the Start Upgrade now button. It downloads a file which you install and when done with it’s magic it asks you to restart your computer. When the computer booted back up I checked Windows Updates and the Windows 10 Technical Preview was offered as an upgrade. As it’s early in the month and a short one at 28 days with lots of ADSL data available I clicked the Install button to download about 2.8GB….

Naturally the download took it own sweet time – even on my 10Mbps ADSL line – when the download finished Windows Update started the install which again took a while and then ask for a restart.

After multiple reboots, and lots of message like installing hardware, settings things up, applying settings and then setting up some more eventually it booted to a screen where installing apps.

A few minutes later it booted to the desktop with everything seemingly intact. From clicking the Install button to a booted desktop it took approximately 4 hours – don’t be in a hurry ….

I found two problems – which was not unexpected:

The calculator was removed – fixed by downloading Old Calculator for Windows – the article can be found here.
I had to install my HP OfficeJet 4500 wireless printer and software – not an issue as the drivers I previously used for Windows 8 worked perfectly.

All in all it went smooth and better than I expected. I was over the moon when I found that I did not have to reinstall or mess with my bookkeeping program nor TeamViewer installation. It’s a lot less effort than a clean install, reinstall of all programs and the customizing of settings to one’s liking.

Please don’t do this at home nor work as you may not have such a smooth experience AND one don’t know yet what may go wrong in the future…


TeamViewer remote support

What is TeamViewer remote support?

TeamViewer is a program that let’s your partner  connect to your computer from a distance enabling the person at the other end to control the machine as he is sitting in front of it.

You will need to have a working Internet connection though.

How does TeamViewer remote support work?

Teamviewr iconYou need to open the TeamViewer program from the icon on your desktop which look’s  like the picture to the left.

When it is open you will see a window looking like this:

win-mainwindowYou will then have to send the ID and the password to the person who will assist you.

You can send with SMS,  e-mail or WhatsApp.

TeamViewer must be running for the remote session to work properly – don’t close the windows with the red close button.

It can be minimized by using the button looking like _ in the toolbar to get it out of your way.

The person assisting you will then insert your ID in the Partner ID box and click Connect to partner – a window will appear where the password needs to be typed.

A connection will be established and a new window showing your desktop will appear on the remote partners computer.

The person can then do anything you can do on your computer from a distance.

Your partner can chat with you.

He can speak to you, asking for instance unplugging and reinserting a USB cable.

He can remotely restart your computer and again gain control when the machine has restarted.

At BOVER Technologies it is a service on an ad hoc basis – no unattended access setup so you computer cannot be accessed without your permission. This is a very secure programme.

What can be done with TeamViewer remote support?

Have a problem with e-mail? Not sending, getting stuck?

Have those pesky pop-up’s when browsing the Internet and unknown programme’s appearing on your desktop?

And many more…..

Advantages of TeamViewer remote support:

Can be of assistance quickly

No need to make an appointment and drive to your premises

You save the effort of offering and make coffee

It should cost less than a call out