Afrihost Mobile Data

So why should you get mobile data from Afrihost?

1) No Contracts. If after the first month you realise this deal is not for you, you can cancel and all you’ll ever pay us is the initial amount. It’s month to month so if at any time you want to cancel you can in your Client Zone. No faxing. No phoning. Just one click. Simple.

2) No Bill Shock. We cap you if you use all your GBs so you will never be shocked by a huge bill because of expensive out of bundle rates. If you want to keep going you can top up for R99 per GB (the cheapest topup in the market!) So you always know what you will pay. No nasty surprises.

3) Award Winning Service. Afrihost have won the MyBroadband ISP of the Year for the last 2 years running – and have applied all the good stuff they have learnt in providing ADSL over the years into providing a revolutionary Mobile Data product.


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